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Saudi Arabia may be buying WWE, Stephanie McMahon

resigns as CEO: report
Vince McMahon, just back from exile, may have already pawned off his empire to a brutal government looking to sportswash its evils

If Vince McMahon has indeed sold WWE to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, well, that’s something every wrestling fan knew could happen for a while. Though no deal has yet been officially confirmed or even addressed, it’s always been a distant buzz in the ether. Rumors of a sale of the company have been louder, though, since Nick Khan came aboard (big deals are what he does). Combine that with WWE running shows in Saudi Arabia — despite all the flashing, blaring reasons to not do so — and the connection was relatively easy to make for anyone who wanted to connect the dots.

'PEAK VINCE MCMAHON' WWE fans all say the same after claims that franchise was ‘sold to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund’

TUESDAY, January 10 could go down as a landmark day in the history of the WWE.

The afternoon was kicked off by Co-CEO and Chairwoman Stephanie McMahon announcing that she was resigning from her position, only to be replaced by her father Vince, who had left the role under a cloud last summer.

Vince McMahon returned to the board a matter of days ago
Now, according to DAZN's Steven Muehlhausen Jr., the WWE has supposedly been sold to Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund.

Muehlhausen tweeted that "the company will go back to being private.

"Unknown if Vince McMahon will return to head of creative but it is expected by some people."

Cassidy Haynes of also took to Twitter to report this alleged deal, saying: "For what it’s worth, I’m told the Saudi deal is done and they’re taking the company private."