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Gadsden County boxing coach teaches kids the ropes in and out of the ring

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - The next boxing world champions may be training right in the big bend in Gadsden County.

Shine Head Boxing Gym is led by former boxing pro Shinny Burns, and he does it right in his backyard free of charge.

Burns says boxing helped keep him out of trouble growing up and he hopes to give that opportunity to others.

When you take a look at Shine Head Boxing Gym it may not seem like much from the outside but in it, lies the hopes and dreams of local young men and women looking to knock out their problems.

Former pro boxer Shinny Burns says he makes good use of his gym to get the most out of his boxers.

“So one of the main things I do man is try to give the knowledge and wisdom and understanding that I didn’t have and teach them not to make the mistakes that I made,” broke down Shine Head Boxing Gym owner Shinny Burns.

Burns teaches kids of all ages, free of charge at his home and teaches them lessons in and out of the ring.

“Basically he has cleaned up my language and stuff like that. He keeps me grounded in god first and stuff like that and basically inside the ring he makes sure I’m more discipline,” shared amateur boxer Kelvin Brown. “He tells me I’m special and gives me more confidence to make me strong minded.”

Some of his boxers say that finding the sport has helped saved their lives.

“I was in a real real bad place like mentally, physically and I was at my lowest until I met my coaches son who put me on,” expressed amateur boxer Jadin Jarvis. “He told me oh my dad coaches for free. So I was a little spectacle because who is going to coach boxing for free? I came out here and I’ve been out here ever since, every day.”

His boxers have had great success at the amateur and pro levels with Brown already securing five belts as an amateur in his three years.

“So my goal is just to be the greatest really. Honestly I want to be the best I can be,” Brown explained. “I want to be the greatest to myself I’m just accomplishing multiple world titles, winning everything because I don’t expect to lose anything.”

Jarvis, on the other hand, says he hopes to continue experiencing things he never thought he would.

“From what I’ve been through, I’ve been through the struggle and all of that and just taking this and if you work hard at something you can finally achieve your dreams,” Jarvis articulated. “My dream is just going places and seeing new things and experiences and all that.”

As for Burns, he says he just wants to see his boxers continue to flourish.

“Seeing them grow from being young boys to grow into being mature men. That’s one of my main things,” said Burns.

Coach Shinny says he’s happy to keep training kids free of charge out of his backyard but he’d love to get his own building in Midway to train and save as many kids as possible.