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Alien Profiteering for Cosmic Engineering

Aliens, or cosmic visitors, elicit all kinds of human reactions. The classification in this case has nothing to do with human beings requesting assistance or other benefits from a host nation. The emphasis is on extraplanetary travel. Likewise, exploring the cosmos generates a wide range of ideas. Science and science fiction collide to explain how such things occur. There are many queries. Many people have thoughts about that. However, in the end, it is people who are interested in this area of inquiry, such as those often addressed by criminologists, who stand to gain. That is, where is the gain for individuals working in the field of investigative investigation. That derives from the traditional criminological spectrum, which deals with victims, suspects, and perpetrators.

working in the theory-selling industry

Better yet, where is the data? In other words, what scientific hardcore validation produces the viability of proof beyond any doubt? Perhaps in post-modern America that is too extreme. Forget that nonsense about evidentiary criteria. Presently there appears a resurgence of not only anti-intellectualism, but also anti-science thinking. Mere speculation based on eyewitness testimony, as an example, is insufficient. Logically speaking, bias influences conclusions at every opportunity, while the observer influences his or her observations. Opinions, rumors, hearsay, and gossip offer nothing of consistent provable data to substantiate probabilities. As suggested by one scientist, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

As to science, here the inference is in favor of those areas such as astrophysics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, and physics to name a few. Often, some call this realm the "hard sciences". Meanwhile, in the alleged "soft sciences", or protestations of the pseudosciences, philosophies thrive in the areas of criminology, psychology, sociology and theology. While a few freely admit the sphere of the "social studies" areas are not hard sciences, others cringe, as they desperately want consideration as a "scientist". In that dominion, debates can rage as to whom is the most scientific, others can assess who cares. Regardless, evidence remains critical.

In the imaginative processes of thinking, many people are quite creative. So far, for a majority of alien adherents, the inventiveness of cosmic engineering designs a universe teeming with all kinds of life forms. With billions of possible habitats, why not? Unfortunately, again hard evidence does not suffice the near religious conviction of science fiction enthusiasts. In this reference, several researchers provide commentary for the assertion that alien aficionados pursue a "theological" conviction for advanced cosmic species. Elevated to a divine state of intergalactic supremacy, believers place humans in a subservient role to alien ascendancy.

For this discussion, the term "profit" is not limited to the monetary incentive alone. Instead, the application applies to any form of gain derived from promoting, advocating or otherwise proselytizing a cosmic or supernatural perspective. Notably, this doe not mean there is anything wrong with any belief system as an individualized personal point of view. At least for the time being, in America, everyone is entitled to her or his outlook. Alternatively, when "profitability" and intolerance for opposing perspectives enter the public arena, problems arise. Disputes and disagreements in communal discourse ought to allow for the reasonable engagement. All too often, in contemporary mainstream, dangerous condescension quickly devolves discussion.

Regardless, conspiracy theories of one form or another abound in great abundance, particularly in the allegedly "highly educated" U.S. population. Revisit that for a moment. Logical skepticism, reinforced by scientific and forensic analysis seems woefully deficient in the "postmodern" American framework. While some potentially maintain amazing brilliance in niche or domain subsets, areas of particular expertise, outside that, ignorance astounds the few. From alien DNA creating humans to 21st century "sociopolitical tribalism", many pursue a claim to fame. Fake news, scheming hoaxes and all manner of hucksterism manifest an array of con artistry.

Even if we assume for the time that society is devolving, there isn't much chance that it will grow intellectually. The idea of a population losing its intellectual capacity is further developed by the enormous reaches to global implications. Regarding the opportunistic potential, crooks of all stripes prey on targets of opportunity. Social media is full with "tubular selfie-isms," which are bumbling pretentiousness. The word "tubular" refers to those who feel the need to showcase themselves in a podcast reenactment of them. For "them," a metaphorical allusion to a different kind of self-centeredness.

A podcast, a video channel, or a tube on a streaming site touts the superficially limited knowledge and comprehension of the world's mysticism. It's important to remember the nature of

Maturation in the investigative process moves beyond the resume', or the curriculum vitae in the unnecessary advocacy of personal adulation. No title or rank supersedes the vitality of hardcore X-rated, in the face flush of provable scientific sufficiency. Nonetheless, the wonderful world of creative fiction, in movies, television, books and short stories, portrays the improbable as the probable. For which, many, including those who ought to know better, salaciously desire the fiction of "fact". Subjective validation in hopefulness for the fabrication to be reality permeates the vast reaches of the societal mainstream. Social media enjoys complicity.

In view of the abundance of fake news, social media distortion and mainstream media sales propaganda, profiteering on ignorance is extremely lucrative. Such deliberate status quo enforcement of ideological superficiality and ethical inconsistency contrives a diversity of intellectual challenges. While this remains one dimension of foolish narcissism, the infantile self-interests span many other spectrums of societal connectedness. Within multigenerational life cycles, other dimensional factors collusively mix educational processes, institutional environments, governmental mechanisms, and various forms of consumptive consumerism. Along with the vast reach of entertainment venues, movies and television play a big role.

The discerning inquisitor faces monumental quests in sifting through the massive amounts of data to uncover the reality of factual authenticity. Every day in every techno way, streams of sound bites filled with ads, commercials, apps, promos, etc., fog the awakened state of consciousness. Alleged documentaries, pretentious "news" stories, and movie making science fiction boast a variety of other worldly manifestation. There is a reason fiction is called fiction, particularly when it comes to the realm of pseudoscience. It's a fabrication, untruth and deliberate misrepresentation of reality. Yet, most people will accept fictional portrayals as seemingly quasi-truthfulness. Few people insist upon a reasonable level of skepticism and a healthy sense of objectivity.

In the 21st, belief in the paranormal, the supernatural and the extraterrestrial has grown. Ghosts, goblins, gremlins and little green space creatures garner daily attention across a wide swath of society. According to a major university study in 2015, in spite of advances in the technology, the vast majority of the population cling to a variety of supernatural beliefs. More than two thirds, or abut 73% of the American population believe in "other worldly" manifestations. According to that study, as well as others, "alien issues", from UFO's to abductions and visitations, fall within those beliefs. As conspiracy theories abound, aliens play a central role in the deception.

The profit is in the prophet, and the prophecy is the conspiracy for the fabrication of wishful thinking. Realizing of course that "profit" has many aspects, from the psycho realm to the vast sphere of materiality. Transcending the metaphorical implication of alien profiteering for cosmic engineering, the inference inclines toward the multiplicity of illicit conspiracies. Rampant throughout the west in particular, where intellectual achievement is a hallmark of social blaster and academic blather, remains the salacious gratification of conspiratorial flirtations. In the macabre fascination of politicians, pundits and priestly proselytes, the unscientific and inexperienced "influencers", most will pursue the misdirection of their celebrity worship.

For so long as gain is the sensual claim to fame, the essence of rational reality devolves to they mystic notions of collective gratification at any cost. A kind of cosmic collective hedonism spreads throughout social media as though everyone is "expert" in the diverse realm of the sciences. Not only that, but a mere selfish framework of ideological totalitarianism sweeps the "infotainment" networks in counterproductive intolerance. In general, the "alien conspiracy" aids the widespread conglomeration of one fake claim after another, and is representative of a devolving culture. As some would assert, many people willingly surrender common sense for self-interest.